Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 21, 2016

Becoming the Beloved

Advaita (Nonduality, Oneness, One Love)'s photo.

Enter Thine own Self
And know Thou art the support of the universe;
When Thou shinest, the whole world is lit;
The phantom that causes thee to tremble is
Thine own projection.
Says Bulleshah: Give up this illusion
And break the net of individuality.

My mind is fixed in the Indifferent One!
My eyes seek His face, my heart loves Him alone.
The ignorant deplore my conduct,
They try to draw me from Him — I only weep.
The priests and theologians threaten me with perdition
And instruct me in rituals,
But what has my love to do with these?
My Lord lives beyond the torrent
And I must meet Him there;
Who will tell me how to cross it?
A lover follows his love whatever betide!
Says Bulleshah: I go to meet my God.

They turn their faces from all else
Who have seen the Beloved!
Once only have they seen the Adorable One
And their gaze is eternally fixed on Him.
Day and night they wander lost in wonder,
Without ever treading in the mud of ‘I’ and ‘mine.’
Bulleshah says: They have become the Beloved Himself;
The relationship of lover and beloved is dissolved.

Having sacrificed the little self,
I have found the Friend
And lost all consciousness of the world!
My anxieties are past forever;
My mind is lost in bliss!
I am merged in happiness
And experience eternal peace;
The spiritual fire has consumed duality.
Bulleshah says: I have embraced the Friend.

~ Bulleh Shah


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