Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 29, 2016

Drop everything

Drop everything, drop, drop, drop.
We are never going to be experientially one
while you retain an idea of yourself as a person,
because every person is conditioned.
Every person belongs to some party, some religion,
some philosophical group, some political group,
some kind of social group, some identity you are wearing.
And every identity fights to retain its own perspective. Okay?
We are never, ever, ever going to agree
while you are in the state of personhood.
This is what is radically fresh about self-inquiry.
I bring you the message of Ramana Maharshi,
I bring the message of Sri Adi Shankara,
which is not only just a philosophical message.
I am their living message right now.
And I am not afraid to say this, controversial as it may seem.
It is not pride because someone must have the courage to say things as they are.
Someone asked me, ‘What is your Master’s highest teaching?’
Without thinking I said, I am my Master’s highest teaching.
I have to say it. It sounds arrogant, but its not arrogance.
I have not failed my Master. He instilled in me the courage to say what I am.
So I now say this on your behalf, because you are afraid to say.

However, it is not enough just to say you are it.
It is not just having the intellectual conviction.
It has to be a seamless experience.
And I am waiting for too long to get you to this point.
You are too slow. You are so apologetic.
And so I have to affirm in front of you: I am That.
On behalf of you. To give you courage to say this.
There is an appropriate time to admit this and it is not blasphemy,
it is not arrogance to declare from your heart, ‘I am That.’
You understand?

We are not going to reach this as one human family
while we keep on believing in and are loyal to
our group mentality and conditioning.
Because it teaches you that you are Muslim, that you are Christian,
that you are Hindu, Buddhist, so we will never meet.
Even those who you may call
the most liberal in any group, they still cannot meet.
I have met groups sometimes, the most liberal within the group,
and they are only some watered-down version of their conditioning.
No. This has to be a living Truth.
And the only way you are going to come to the living Truth is:
You have to be like the cow that jumped over the moon,
and this moon is your mind.
You have to jump over it.
And as long as you stay as this person,
you are going to argue like a person,
you are going to defend like a person,
and I am showing you the most beautiful way.
The most beautiful way is the way of Being.
You have to come out of this tight box of conditioning.
I show you. I show you.
I don’t say go. I say come.
Look with me and prove with me your original Self.
It is not a spiritual fantasy.
It is not escapism.
It is the most real.
Everything else on this planet will vanish.

Accept what I am speaking with you, the truth of it.
And I am only telling you, you have to be cured of this mistake
that makes you hold onto an identity that you are merely flesh and blood.
You are that, too. But you are not that, only.
It is time to grow up. Don’t just grow old.
Grow up and look with the eyes I am looking at.
When I see you, I see the Self.
But when I hear you, you are not speaking as the Self.
You are speaking as something that is born of time,
and in a few seasons will not be here.

Take courage, and listen with your heart what I tell you.
Follow my guidance because what I say now with such power and conviction
you yourself will be able to speak—from the authority of your own experience.
I am not just asking you only to believe.
Belief and trust—that is all good.
But it must also be experienced directly—proven.

I am talking with you straight now.
I have shown and proven it to you many times, your true nature and Self.
I am proving it to you again here, but again you hold back sheepishly.
You say you want to discover the most important thing in the world,
but you offer so little of yourself to the search.

You must have the courage to stand up and say,
‘Rid me of fear and ego and merge me with you.
May the great God remove all that I am not
and set my soul forever free.’

~ Mooji, Monte Sahaja 2016

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