Posted by: Stephen Paul | July 17, 2016

Walking through life with a natural openness to what is

Adyashanti's photo.

“The conditioned mind is always taking on God’s job, wondering what people are doing and why they do it. But that is none of your business, none of your concern. You can just start walking through life with this natural openness to what is and be that way under all conditions at all times. That’s what the true Self has been doing all along. When your true nature is realized, it is not as if you will have some amazing experience, and after that you say, ‘Okay world, I’m ready.’ The deepest experience is when you realize that this open, radiant, empty mind and open, radiant heart have always been open. They don’t need to open; they are not going to open; openness has always been here. You no longer see two, you see the One in and as everything.”

~ Adyashanti


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