Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 28, 2016

You, the light of consciousness

As you move about during the day, stay in the state of neutrality.
Just be in the neutral place. It is not difficult for you.
You don’t have to be suppressing the senses or steering them in some way.
You didn’t wake up this morning and turn on perception.
Just perception is happening by itself, spontaneously.

Without You, the light of consciousness, perception has no meaning,
the functioning of the senses has no meaning.
You don’t have to cultivate this; it’s a very natural thing.

Avoid going into the story of the person, the egoic identity.
It is the most corrosive and keeps a heaviness in the form.
The ego sense is heavier than any mountain.
It takes a lot of energy to support the expression of egoic identity.
It takes no energy to be the Self.
The Self is not something that has to be kept up.
There is something inside you that knows this to be true.
Try to grasp this. Move in that neutrality more and more.
Become increasingly familiar with the state of emptiness.

~ Mooji

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