Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 2, 2016

Stripped down to essential core

“The Way of Liberation is medicine used to cure various states of spiritual dis-ease. Just as medicine is not itself good health but a means to good health, these teachings are not Truth but a means of revealing Truth. The Indian sage Ramana Maharshi likened spiritual teachings to thorns used to remove other thorns, and I rather like that image. To study The Way of Liberation teachings is to study yourself. To study yourself does not mean to add more knowledge to your cluttered brain’s ideas about yourself, but to remove all of the customary defining characteristics you usually associate self with: name, race, gender, occupation, social status, past, as well as all of the psychological judgments you make about yourself. When the self is stripped down to its essential core, all that can be said about it is: ‘I am; I exist.’

What then is the I that exists?”


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