Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 6, 2017

Just be quiet and empty

Everything you perceive is coming and going.
This is a simple observation that no one can dispute.
You cannot bring into this present moment
a single thing from yesterday.
This is nothing to be sorry about at all,
because, as you pay attention,
you will see that what remains is greater
than everything that appears or disappears.
Nothing can compare to the unchanging space of Being.
Leaving all aside and staying empty
introduces you to the lightness, spaciousness,
joy and freedom of your true and natural existence,
which is already here—unmixed.

You must be already here
for the whole world to appear and be seen.
Remove everything perceivable
and there remains That which cannot be removed.
Be one with That.
When you genuinely discover this, you are home.
The mind will try and attack your efforts,
but don’t pay it any attention.
Initially, it will take some effort
not to follow the disbelief in the mind,
but try your best to stay quiet in this seeing.
Just be quiet and empty.
Nothing greater exists in this human kingdom
than the discovery of the Self.

~ Mooji


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