Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 8, 2017

Hold on to your mind and sleep is endless whether you are kind or evil

“Where are karmic debts other than in one’s mind? Hold to your mind, and sleep is endless whether you are kind or evil. Eastern fundamentalism is no truer than western fundamentalism, so leap beyond all ideas into the unknown.

Watch carefully what you believe for it will become your reality and thousands of lifetimes will pass in delusion. Push all ideas and imaginings aside and leap into this here and now free of knowing and believing. Such leaping into unknowing is an act of courage and faith beyond all ideas.

When you awaken from a dream at night do you awaken because you have cleansed all of your karma? More likely you awoke because something interrupted your dream. Consider me your interruption.

Pardon my directness but more is at stake than you can ever imagine.”

~ Adyashanti

“Uncensored Straight Talk” Online Course

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