Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 5, 2017

How technology serves us and blinds us

“Like any addiction, we need to start with being very honest with ourselves about the high cost of our behavior. We need to really examine how technology serves us and how it blinds us, how it promises to bring us stress-free happiness but never delivers on the promise, how it elicits a primitive and addictive part of the brain that will cause us to act in ways that do not support our happiness and well-being. We need to reexamine what really brings us happiness, freedom, and love. We need to reconnect the primitive part of our brain that only feels that it is doing what is best, with the more wise, reflective, and conscious aspect of our consciousness that can reexamine our habitual patterns and make choices that better reflect our true values and the deeper yearning for peace and freedom. When technology begins to serve the Heart as well as the head, we will really be onto something new and transformative. And our greatest piece of technology is our own conscious awareness.”

~ Adyashanti

“The Way of Liberating Insight” Online Course

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