Posted by: Stephen Paul | April 6, 2018

The universe is My dream

~ The Dreamer – Wei Wu Wei ~

ONE: The universe is My dream. Every thing therein, including ‘you’ and ‘me’, is an element of that dream – from elephant to virus, from nebula to atom.

TWO: Then each of us dreams a universe? How comes it that we all dream the same universe?

ONE: Each of us does not dream a universe. Only I dream the universe. You all perceive the same universe because you are all elements in My dream.

TWO: Is that concept not – let us say – somewhat egotistic? Why is the universe your dream any more than mine?

ONE: I have already told you : ‘you’ do not exist except as dreamed by Me. You are still thinking in terms of identification with a body. You are using the terms ‘you’ and ‘me’ in order to indicate the unreal elements of My dream which are holding this conversation. Unreal elements of a dream cannot dream the universe of which they are elements.

TWO: Then who dreams it?

ONE: I do. Anyone who says ‘I do’. For that I is the Absolute, Reality, Consciousness Itself, Cosmic Mind, Tao. That I is One – no matter who says it.

TWO: Obscure, very obscure!

ONE: ‘Obscure’ my foot! It is as clear as daylight, as simple and obvious as anything within the grasp of Mind in manifestation. Only its expression is obscure – for it has been expressed in words.

TWO: So I am everything in this universe, as I am everything in the universe of my sleeping dreams, every elephant, every virus, every nebula, every atom, ‘you’ and ‘I’?

ONE: You have understood.

TWO: What more is there to say?

ONE: Nothing whatsoever. Everything is explained, every word of every Sage and Master. That is the meaning of the Lord Buddha expressly conveyed in the Lankavatara Sutra, and Sri Krishna if he be regarded as responsible for Vedanta Advaita.

~Wei Wu Wei, “Why Lazarus Laughed”

Illustration by Niel Quisaba…

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