Posted by: Stephen Paul | May 17, 2018

Our mind is dictating our experience of living

“Life does have a tragic side to it. Pain, loss, and grief are part of the play here. Our minds can have all sorts of reactions against the tragic aspects of life. And we need to really see how our mind is dictating our experience of living by the narratives that it tells itself. When our mind says, ‘Life wasn’t supposed to be this way,’ we set ourselves at odds with life. But life is simply the way it is. We either choose to embrace it with love and kindness for ourselves and others, or we choose to deny it by being at odds with it. So it’s very important to allow yourself to experience your basic emotional orientation toward life and to become conscious of the mental constructs that your mind has formed that continue to create suffering and sorrow. Much of our sorrow is not caused by life, but by the constructs that our mind has formed around challenging life experiences.

What if all of our interpretations about how life should be are simply narratives that have no fundamental basis in reality? Life seems harsh when we are harsh, and seems kind when we are kind. When we separate ourselves from life by becoming life’s judge, we feel the separation that we have created in our mind.

But you are the teacher of your mind. Live in the gap between the mind’s stories, and the mind will come to see that being in harmony with life is far easier and more benevolent than living in opposition to it.”

~ Adyashanti


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