Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 24, 2018

This is the gift of having a human body: consciousness in its human expression

Whatever it is that is arising inside of you,
whether it is in the form of thoughts
or sensations or feelings or imagination,
all of it is just like looking in the sky
and seeing clouds or rainbows or lightning or stars.
Everything is only traffic. Everything is passing.
Keep seeing and confirming that all that you perceive
are momentary in their appearances.
Notice how they appear and then disappear.
By not becoming involved
in any particular phenomenon,
you will spontaneously come to recognise
your real place of Being.
You are the presence that all of this is reporting to.
Experience the flowering of presence,
the power and the presence of presence.
This will be the most important discovery,
beginning today, and deepening as we go.
This is the gift of having a human body:
the consciousness in its human expression
has this capacity to contemplate itself,
to go back to its original completeness.

~ Mooji

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

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