Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 29, 2023

Everything that exists dances together, a kind of cosmic symphony

I believe that wisdom is simple. It’s a synthesis of imagination, mindfulness and an open heart, rooted in love and awareness of Nature’s cycles, connections and capacity for creative transformation. Once you understand how our Cosmos works (and align yourself with that reality) your life can become more joyful, harmonious, effortless and free.

Everything in the Universe is connected together as creative and unified wholes. Each of us is a part of that unity, we are children of Nature and the Cosmos. Our education systems have compartmentalized knowledge, divided reality up into parts. This has caused confusion, I feel, and made the cultivation of wisdom far too rare.

The atoms in our bodies are billions of years old. The energy that animates your LIFE is transported via networks of connection, from the solar system to plants and trees, then to your body’s cells.

Your body is a creative self-organizing system that regenerates continuously. All structures in our universe can be described as systems, connected to and embeded within other systems ecologically. Look deep however and you will discover these systems are not solid, they are maintained and dissolved by cycles of creation, regeneration and destruction.

Everything is like this, from atoms to galaxies, cells to civilizations. Everything that exists dances together, a kind of cosmic symphony. Understanding this is wisdom. Living in denial is ignorance.


The Art of Systems Thinking – Christopher Chase


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