Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 9, 2017

When the heart is at peace

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 5, 2017

How technology serves us and blinds us

“Like any addiction, we need to start with being very honest with ourselves about the high cost of our behavior. We need to really examine how technology serves us and how it blinds us, how it promises to bring us stress-free happiness but never delivers on the promise, how it elicits a primitive and addictive part of the brain that will cause us to act in ways that do not support our happiness and well-being. We need to reexamine what really brings us happiness, freedom, and love. We need to reconnect the primitive part of our brain that only feels that it is doing what is best, with the more wise, reflective, and conscious aspect of our consciousness that can reexamine our habitual patterns and make choices that better reflect our true values and the deeper yearning for peace and freedom. When technology begins to serve the Heart as well as the head, we will really be onto something new and transformative. And our greatest piece of technology is our own conscious awareness.”

~ Adyashanti

“The Way of Liberating Insight” Online Course

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 1, 2017

Relax, keep silent, and it will take you in

Nothing you do will change you, for you need no change. You may change your mind or your body, but it is always something external to you that has changed, not yourself. Why bother at all to change? Realise once for all that neither your body nor your mind, nor even your consciousness is yourself and stand alone in your true nature beyond consciousness and unconsciousness. No effort can take you there, only the clarity of understanding. Trace your misunderstandings and abandon them, that is all. There is nothing to seek and find, for there is nothing lost. Relax and watch the ‘I am’. Reality is just behind it. Keep quiet, keep silent; it will emerge, or, rather, it will take you in.

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

…from ‘I Am That’, chapter 99

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You have to become more interested in the silent background than in the foreground, the phenomena: thoughts, emotions, sounds, smells, etc. Most people are focused on the foreground and what their five senses bring them, but the Self is discovered in the background. The Self is the source from which the phenomena spring and the ground in which this display of phenomena is happening, from the subtlest feelings and experiences to the grossest matter. When you rest in this background, you can taste your Self. You just give yourself to it.

~ Adyashanti

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 21, 2017

The greatest man is nobody

The man of Tao acts without impediment,
He harms no other being by his actions,
Yet he does not know himself
to be kind and gentle.

He does not struggle to make money
And he does not make a virtue of poverty.

He goes without relying on others,
And does not pride himself
on walking alone.

The man of Tao remains unknown.
Perfect virtue produces nothing.
No Self is True Self.
And the greatest man is nobody.

~ Chung Tzu

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 20, 2017


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Stay in the panoramic expansiveness of Being

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Always come back to the place of being.
Just be in the being.
Rest in the being as being itself.
Avoid making premature conclusions
about what you’re experiencing.
All is a passing show—momentary.
Keep your mind and Self open and quiet.
Avoid locking yourself inside any room.
Stay in the open and panoramic expansiveness of Being.
Like this there will be ample love and peace and joy.
These will always flow.
You don’t have to go in pursuit of anything.

~ Mooji

Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 11, 2017

Cultivating dog mind

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“Where are karmic debts other than in one’s mind? Hold to your mind, and sleep is endless whether you are kind or evil. Eastern fundamentalism is no truer than western fundamentalism, so leap beyond all ideas into the unknown.

Watch carefully what you believe for it will become your reality and thousands of lifetimes will pass in delusion. Push all ideas and imaginings aside and leap into this here and now free of knowing and believing. Such leaping into unknowing is an act of courage and faith beyond all ideas.

When you awaken from a dream at night do you awaken because you have cleansed all of your karma? More likely you awoke because something interrupted your dream. Consider me your interruption.

Pardon my directness but more is at stake than you can ever imagine.”

~ Adyashanti

“Uncensored Straight Talk” Online Course

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 6, 2017

Just be quiet and empty

Everything you perceive is coming and going.
This is a simple observation that no one can dispute.
You cannot bring into this present moment
a single thing from yesterday.
This is nothing to be sorry about at all,
because, as you pay attention,
you will see that what remains is greater
than everything that appears or disappears.
Nothing can compare to the unchanging space of Being.
Leaving all aside and staying empty
introduces you to the lightness, spaciousness,
joy and freedom of your true and natural existence,
which is already here—unmixed.

You must be already here
for the whole world to appear and be seen.
Remove everything perceivable
and there remains That which cannot be removed.
Be one with That.
When you genuinely discover this, you are home.
The mind will try and attack your efforts,
but don’t pay it any attention.
Initially, it will take some effort
not to follow the disbelief in the mind,
but try your best to stay quiet in this seeing.
Just be quiet and empty.
Nothing greater exists in this human kingdom
than the discovery of the Self.

~ Mooji

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