Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 17, 2018

I am not here to fulfill anyone’s expectations

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 16, 2018

“I-am” is consciousness, and that is your reality

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So remember what “I-am” really means. “I-am” is God. “I-am” is nirvana, emptiness. “I-am” is consciousness, and that is your reality. So there’s no real difference between me and you. Absolute reality, consciousness, is all-pervading. If it’s all-pervading, how can you be something else? You see the folly of your thinking? There is only absolute consciousness. There is only the reality. It is all-pervading. There’s nothing else.

Just being aware of this, your thoughts stop. There is nothing to think about. There is no thing you have to do. There are no mantras you have to keep chanting. There are no formulas that is going to turn you into a jnani. There are no yoga practices that you have to keep doing. You simply have to be aware that absolute reality is omnipresent, all-pervading, and there is no room for anything else.

~ Robert Adams

Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 14, 2018

Nothing to understand

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My motive for talking is quite different than you think. It is not that I am eager to help you understand, that I feel that I must help you. Not at all. I am only interested in making it crystal clear that there is nothing to understand.

~ U. G. Krishnamurti

Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 9, 2018

Let go of distress and embrace Life fully in your arms

The Cosmos is filled with precious gems. Each moment you are alive is a gem, shining through and containing earth and sky, water and clouds. We should enjoy our happiness and offer it to everyone. Cherish this very moment… Let go of distress and embrace Life fully in your arms.

~Thich Nhat Hanh ~
Our True Heritage

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 8, 2018

This game of existence

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The password into this game of existence is
‘I am the body’.
All beings purchased this idea first
and the intuitive sense of ‘I’ became
mere flesh, blood and conditioning.
The belief, ‘I am the body, the actions
and the thinker of thoughts,’
is the most costly concept in existence
because it exchanges freedom for bondage.
The concept and feeling of being bound
was then introduced through the mind,
and we bought it.
But you can come out of this.
A quick and direct way out of this game is
through the path of self-inquiry.

Who or what arises here in this body as the feeling ‘I am’?
Really try to identify what this ‘I’ is
so that you become very clear about this.
The sense ‘I’, which is natural to you,
can it really be an object?
And if so, what is perceiving it?
Can this also be perceived?
Ponder deeply over this.

This is the door that all sages went through into freedom.

~ Mooji
(from ‘White Fire’)

Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 7, 2018

Things aren’t always as they seem

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | June 3, 2018


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“You Are . . . beyond the body-mind and personality, beyond all the experience and the experiencer thereof, beyond the world and its perceiver, beyond existence and its absence, beyond all assertions and denials. Be still and awaken to the realization of who you are. In this realization of no separate self, the supreme Reality which you are shines unobscured in all things, as all things, and beyond all things. Having returned to the formless source and transcended all separateness, do not stop or cling even to this source, but go beyond to the supreme realization which transcends all dualities, yet does not deny even a speck of dust. The enlightened sage abides, as the eternal witness, wholly unconcerned, yet intimately engaged, resting beyond all definitions, neither clinging to transcendent freedom, nor entangled by the dualistic world therefore, one with all life. Living in the perfect trust of supreme realization, the enlightened sage has nothing to gain or lose and naturally manifests love, wisdom, and compassion without any personal sense of being the doer of deeds. Having abandoned all concepts and ideas, the enlightened sage lives as ever-present consciousness, manifested and manifesting in the world of time and space that which is eternal, ever new, and whole. In this unobscured realization, supreme Reality shines consciously in all things, as all things, and beyond all things. Shining unobscured, it penetrates the entire universe. Penetrating the entire universe, it knows itself as Self.”

~ Adyashanti

Posted by: Stephen Paul | May 30, 2018

Reality will take you in

Nothing you do will change you, for you need no change. You may change your mind or your body, but it is always something external to you that has changed, not yourself. Why bother at all to change? Realise once for all that neither your body nor your mind, nor even your consciousness is yourself and stand alone in your true nature beyond consciousness and unconsciousness. No effort can take you there, only the clarity of understanding. Trace your misunderstandings and abandon them, that is all. There is nothing to seek and find, for there is nothing lost. Relax and watch the ‘I am’. Reality is just behind it. Keep quiet, keep silent; it will emerge, or, rather, it will take you in.

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

…from ‘I Am That’, chapter 99

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | May 21, 2018

Walk with Mooji right down the direct path to Being

Ah, Mooji and a trip down the direct path

Satsang with Mooji During his recent trip to London, Moojibaba had a chance to meet with some of the local Sangha groups in…
Posted by: Stephen Paul | May 17, 2018

Our mind is dictating our experience of living

“Life does have a tragic side to it. Pain, loss, and grief are part of the play here. Our minds can have all sorts of reactions against the tragic aspects of life. And we need to really see how our mind is dictating our experience of living by the narratives that it tells itself. When our mind says, ‘Life wasn’t supposed to be this way,’ we set ourselves at odds with life. But life is simply the way it is. We either choose to embrace it with love and kindness for ourselves and others, or we choose to deny it by being at odds with it. So it’s very important to allow yourself to experience your basic emotional orientation toward life and to become conscious of the mental constructs that your mind has formed that continue to create suffering and sorrow. Much of our sorrow is not caused by life, but by the constructs that our mind has formed around challenging life experiences.

What if all of our interpretations about how life should be are simply narratives that have no fundamental basis in reality? Life seems harsh when we are harsh, and seems kind when we are kind. When we separate ourselves from life by becoming life’s judge, we feel the separation that we have created in our mind.

But you are the teacher of your mind. Live in the gap between the mind’s stories, and the mind will come to see that being in harmony with life is far easier and more benevolent than living in opposition to it.”

~ Adyashanti


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