Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 14, 2018

Taking time to discover yourself is the best use of time.

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If you make human company too important

you will not discover your true Self.
Relationships not based in Truth
are never entirely reliable
and are rarely enduring.
Taking time to discover yourself is the best use of time.
Prioritise this.
One should not excessively seek partners or friends,
one should seek to know and be oneself.
As you begin to awaken to the Truth,
you start noticing how well life flows by itself
and how well you are cared for.
Life supports the physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual needs of the one
who is open to self-discovery.
Trust opens your eyes to the recognition of this.
Surrender allows you to merge in your own eternal being.

~ Mooji

“Let the world call you lazy for not running about like a frightened ghost. Just be quiet inside yourself. Don’t bother about knowing how things should be and simply begin observing without prejudice, projections or desires. Notice how life flows of its own accord. Nothing here is a chaos, but a harmony. You are already inside this flow…”

~ Mooji ~

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 9, 2018

The view from Truth and Love

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | September 8, 2018


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Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 26, 2018

Don’t be aware, be the awareness

“In truth there is no self, watcher, or observer. There is only watching and/or observing. There is awareness but no owner of awareness, no someone who is aware. So don’t be the watcher, be the watching. Don’t be aware, be the awareness itself. By ‘be’ I mean to feel and sense yourself as awareness. ‘Feel’ and ‘sense’ yourself as awareness and that will take you beyond all experience. All else will unfold from this simple instruction.”

~ Adyashanti



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Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 25, 2018

What is liberation?

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What is liberation?
It is to be free of personal identity.
It is to be free from the hypnosis of conditioning;
to be free from the magnetic influence
and compulsiveness of the psychological mind.
It is to recognise that you are not an object,
that this body is an inadequate representation of being,
and only a vessel through which consciousness
and the vital force act in their portrayal called ‘life’.

~ Mooji

Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 24, 2018

More true than you can hear

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“Wherever you are, you are one with the clouds and one with the sun and the stars you see. You are one with everything. That is more true than I can say, and more true than you can hear.”

~Shunryu Suzuki

Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 23, 2018

Having abandoned all concepts and ideas

“Having abandoned all concepts and ideas,

the enlightened sage lives as ever-present consciousness,
manifested and manifesting in the world of time and space
that which is eternal, ever new, and whole.”

~ Adyashanti

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | August 17, 2018

Your Being is timeless

Not the “present”, find the “Presence”! The “Presence” is timeless. The present is time bound. The present is fluid, is memory, is mind, is an idea. People say, “the past is unreal, the future is unreal, only the present, only here & now…”, but the present, the “here & now” is also unreal, is also an idea. Because you touched it with your mind it becomes a bit dirty. Only seeing it from the timeless then everything is good. Your Being is timeless.

~ Mooji

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No one has ever succeeded in
conveying Truth through words alone,
for Truth is beyond words, learning,
imagination and language. It is unfathomable.
Words like God, consciousness, emptiness,
the Self, the great void, the Supreme Being
inspire and evoke a contemplation, and perhaps,
herein lies their real purpose and service,
but in truth there are no words for that which alone Is.
When and where words come to an end,
It, the What Is, does not begin.
It is there in the space between two thoughts,
but it is also there during the appearing of thoughts.
Contemplate this.

~ Mooji

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