Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 19, 2017

The alter of Stillness

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We depend on nature not only for our physical survival. We also need nature to show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our own minds. We got lost in doing, thinking, remembering, anticipating – lost in a maze of complexity and a world of problems.

We have forgotten what rocks, plants, and animals still know. We have forgotten how to be – to be still, to be ourselves, to be where life is: Here and Now.

~ Eckhart Tolle

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 15, 2017

Love is your Self and your real name

Love is your Self. It is your real name and the name of every living being.

But, you will not truly know and be this Self-love until you are willing to exchange your identity for Truth.

~ Mooji

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 13, 2017


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Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 12, 2017

What is awake right now?

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“One need not think of awakening only as an event. What is awake right now as you read this? Pause for a moment and don’t answer the question. Let it enter you like a breath. Is what is awake now any different from what has been awake at any other time? Pause. Breathe it in. Is the awareness that is aware now different from any other awareness? Have you not always been this? Watch out for that pursuit of enlightenment; it can take your eye off what is already enlightened, what cannot be unenlightened.”

~ Adyashanti

Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 4, 2017

The most important thing in life

The most important thing in life
is to wake up to who you truly are.
You are not merely a personal being;
you are the living spirit of Truth.
You are the light of consciousness revealing all.
You are the perceiving presence
devoid of desire and attachment.
You are the wisdom and love
that shines from the source of existence.
You are unborn Awareness.

~ Mooji

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | January 2, 2017

To embody the transcendent

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | December 31, 2016

Shif to direct experience

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | December 28, 2016

Live in the world but remain untouched by it

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Posted by: Stephen Paul | December 26, 2016

This Mystery, this life, is who we are

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“When we begin to see through the illusion we once took to be “me” there is a simultaneous emergence of our true nature from the background, where it has been waiting patiently for us to sober up from the intoxication of seeking.

What was never lost need not be sought. When we realize directly that we have been like a wave searching for the ocean, the momentum of the search is undermined, and we can finally exhale.

In that blossoming ripeness we can welcome life’s embrace, and also see what it is that we are still unwilling to allow in. In doing so, we begin to feel the Mystery at the heart, rather than relying solely on the thought energy which constitutes the mind.

Moreover, in seeing through and discarding any lingering struggle and recoil, it at last becomes obvious that this Mystery, this Life, is who we are, have always been, and will always be..”

~Bob O’Hearn

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